vrijdag 6 april 2018

Fake Hitler: Charlotte Lobjoie

This is Charlotte Lobjoie. Painted in oil by Aldolf Hitler. Serious? No. Charlotte was a friend of Hitler maybe lover during a small leave from the first World war. The painting is on Sale this week for a price of 70.000 euro. But it’s fake of course, like So many ‘Hitlers’. First of all Hitler never painted in oil, he always made gouaches. So why would he carry oil paint from the front on his leave? He didn’t of course and he couldn’t buy the paint in the country side were he was. So it’s fake and fake news because all the news papers tell this little fake story.

Why fake? Because as Hitler came to power, people knew he had Bern a painter. And just an averagr one, so Everybody with some talent made hitlers and sold them for big money. So now someone will again fall in the trap of a real hitler and pay 70.000 euro’s for a fake hitler.